Why Digital Images Will Never Outlive Prints

renaot Photography

Grandmothers homes around the nation are full of them. They are on the walls, tables, kitchen counter, bathroom sink, book shelf and practically every corner.
No, I am not talking about moth balls…I am talking about pictures!

This past weekend I went to my grandmother’s house and the second you walk through the door you are bombarded with pictures from over 3 generations. They are literally everywhere.

Cousins, sisters, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, great grandfathers, exes, family friends and former students…all in one room.

I have looked through some of these albums four or five times and each time I find something different. I hear a new fact about a certain family member, learn of about a former love or major accomplishment.

I knew my grandfather was a lawyer, but I never knew the above facts!

Top Left: Uncle and Dad Top Right: Grandmothers class picture from the 70’s Bottom Left: My High School Graduation Photo Bottom Left: My dad in his first suit and brother in the corner.

Top: Great Grandmother Middle: My grandmother and her sister in traditional Panamanian attire Bottom: A few of my grandmother’s photo albums

I too get caught up in this battle between print and digital. I realized the amount of prints after my senior year in high school drastically dropped due to getting a cell phone, camera, and computer. Most of my images are stored on the computer and hard drives. Unfortunately, I have already had two hard drive crashes and lost everything more than once.

Photos from my childhood can all be found in old Eckerd photo folders. You will see a photo of me from my orchestra days and a birthday photo which showcasing the famous spot we take photos every year.

I have printed photos in my office of my favorite weddings and portraits , but I am guilty of not having many prints of my own family in my home . However, you will find this in my bathroom My mother, best friend and brother

With that being said, I am going to be shifting the focus of my business to prints. After each portrait session clients will be invited back to my studio to review their images for a intimate order session. With the ability to create custom frames, wall displays and collages, clients will be given the opportunity to bring their images to life so it can be enjoyed for generations-just as my grandmother did for me.