Maternity Session at Oyster Creek Park

renaot Photography

*9 months ago at Benjy’s Rice Village*

I met up with Whitney and other friends from high school for a celebration brunch. We call ourselves the Lunch Bunch.
Friend: Whitney are you ready to be a mom?
Whitney: Yes I am…
Me: Of course she is! You know what would be perfect if you have the baby in April so you can have 3 months of maternity leave and go straight into summer where you don’t have to work ( she is a teacher)and have 6 full months with the baby. Wait not April MARCH.. like right before Spring Break so you can get a free week. I was saying this with such excitement and animation.

**Whitney and another friend sitting next to her are giving me a shocked stare.**
Whitney: Well guys it just so happens I am pregnant and due right before Spring Break
Me: Freaks out…My random predictions was so right.She has been waiting for this moment for years and he will be here in just a few days! I am so excited for Whitney and I can’t wait to meet our newest edition to the snack pack which is our next generation of the Lunch Bunch!