New Beginnings

renaot Events, Rena O.


My career as a photographer/ entrepreneur was a complete accident


I thought my Bachelors and Masters in Arts,  seven internships, International Baccalaureate classes, leadership experience, awards, certificates, certifications, Suzuki/ classical ballet training, hours of volunteering, Girl Scout Gold Award, amazing network of professionals and dimples would AT LEAST  get me an entry level job in my field but life had other plans.

In June 2010, I bought my first camera and I officially established, Rena O. Productions in September 2010. For the first five years, I lived at home and took on multiple jobs that would fund my dream. I worked at Starbucks as a barista…(I can make mean latte), I was a video editor at a small production company and a lead photographer for a school photography company. Almost every penny I made went to Rena O. Productions.

After four years of hustling, I became a teacher at an alternative school teaching business and credit recovery. I didn’t want to lose credibility as a business owner so I barely told anyone. For two years, I tried to balance the stress of having a full-time job and business. All was well until the last semester when I ended up in the hospital and I knew I needed to move on. In August 2017, I decided to quit and go full time with Rena O. Productions LLC  and it has been one hell of a ride since.

Over the last seven years, I’ve built a business through determination, ambition and a burning desire to succeed.My portfolio consists of former President Obama, Joan Rivers, P.Diddy, Kendrick Lamar, local socialites, beautiful brides, babies and many drunk uncles and crazy office parties. Check out my portfolio here. This journey has been the most rewarding, exhausting and emotional experience ever but I  wouldn’t have done it any other way.


Last November, I attended a self-development training in Los Angeles that brought back my vision and desire to rebuild my brand. As I move towards my 8th year in business, I have shifted my focus to creating a brand that captures, creates and promotes authentic experiences and connection.

I’ve been hiding my story and gifts for far too long. For the next 60 days, I’ll be opening up about my life and my journey as an entrepreneur through blogs, vlogs, live videos on my Fan Page .

Losing photos, cracking memory cards, breaking lensing and shooting on 2% battery power are just a few of the many amateur horror stories I have lined up to share. I’ll be touching on my experience with depression, anxiety and my many my world travels. Lastly,  I will be dropping unreleased photos and footage from Brazil, Egypt, Ecuador, Mexico and other world adventures. I look forward to letting you all in the next 60 days. 


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